About Us

American Public Entity Programs, LLC  an Acrisure Agency Partner is strategically positioned to expand the public entity business platform with our local presence and collective expertise. Our ability to provide high levels of professional specialization garnered over many years of service to public entities across the country provides Acrisure partners with experience and expertise under the power of ONE. Our experience is your opportunity.

Acrisure is one of the top 10 insurance brokers in the United States.

The network of Acrisure Agency Partners has the expertise and experience to help Public Entities manage and overcome their largest and most complex risk and insurance challenges. With Public Entity specific expertise and powerful program development capabilities, experience does make a difference. The value of our national network is the local presence of our agencies Acrisure Agency Partners are able to provide the local, personal level of service that Public Entities deserve with the added power of deep industry expertise available to each and every client.