What is a deadly weapons event?

An incident involving an individual or group of people actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people using a deadly weapon at a location of the insured.

More than just fire arms incidents

Our policy covers incidents involving a wide variety of deadly weapons, including:

  • Any portable firearm (whether loaded or unloaded)
  • Explosive device
  • Knife
  • Syringe
  • Medical instrument
  • Corrosive substance
  • Any other handheld device or instrument which is used to deliberately cause death or bodily injury
  • Any road vehicle that is occupied and used by an assailant to deliberately cause death or bodily many sources. One of the most difficult to defend against is the incursion of intent on inflicting

Claims scenarios

Mass shooting with multiple casualties naturally attracts significant media attention however there is an array of incidents involving a range of weapons that Beazley Deadly Weapons Protection has been designed for. For example, these include:

Disgruntled ex-employee

  • Having been sacked the previous day, a humiliated administrative worker returns to the office brandishing a hunting knife and, in front of his former colleagues, screams a stream of threats at the supervisor.

Automobile rampage at a school

  • A former pupil who had been bullied while at high school seeks revenge by driving a car at a group of students one morning as they arrive for the start of classes.